9/11 Memorial Plaza Opening

Case Study

The Challenge

Following the 10th Anniversary of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center, the 9/11 Memorial Plaza was slated to open to the public. However, active construction was still in place on the surrounding WTC site. A plan was needed to allow visitor access, ticketing and security and code compliance, while maintaining safety measures to ensure the avoidance of hazards from the active WTC construction site.

The Process

Evan and Cristin, partners at iDEKOgov were brought in to utilize their expertise in a multi-agency coordination effort. They were able to lead a logistical coordination effort between various City and State agencies that were involved in development for more than three years prior to the opening of the memorial.

The Solution

Over the course of more than three years, a working group devised a timed-ticketing and security plan for the memorial, accommodating the maximum number of visitors allowed by City code, all within the limits of the construction schedule.
  • Access Plan

    Created a pedestrian access plan which incorporated a timed ticketing system and security screening process.

  • Community Outreach

    Coordinated with local community leaders and engaged them in a process to create a plan that worked for all

  • Security

    Worked with the NYPD and Port Authority Police to devise a security plan, taking into account pedestrian access and vehicular control

  • Modeling Simulation Study

    Conducted a pedestrian and traffic simulation study which collected data to formulate the access plan

  • Emergency Plan

    Assisted in the development of Policies and Standard Operating Procedures for weather related monitoring and closures of the site

The Numbers

6 M
Visitors to Memorial since opening September 2011
0 M
Visitors to Memorial Museum since opening in May 2014
75 +
Meetings to coordinate the plan
Government Agencies/Entities coordinating together

The Outcome

All of stakeholders were extremely pleased with the accessibility, safety and accommodations plan. The working group continues to meet on a biweekly basis, which included Cristin until she recently left office.

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