Super Bowl XLVIII

Case Study

The Challenge

In 2014, Super Bowl XLVIII was played in NY/NJ area. It involved many firsts, including the logistical coordination of a Super Bowl in a Northeast winter region, collaborating between two states and their respective governments, a cold weather stadium, and closing down Broadway in the heart of midtown Manhattan for a week. And, of course, this was all coordinated against the backdrop of a first-time mayor in NYC, barely a month on the job.

The Process

As Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management, iDEKOgov’s Cristin Burtis was at the forefront of the coordination effort between the NFL, the NY/NJ Host Committee, and 35 local, state and federal agencies, including the City of New York. Cristin’s responsibilities stretched from community outreach and quality of life considerations, to operations and logistical planning for transportation, security, permits and severe weather contingency plans. Cristin was also involved in strategy and execution for sanctioned and non-sanctioned NFL events, including Super Bowl Boulevard, Direct TV Beach Bowl and Concert, and the NFL Honors event during the period leading up to the Super Bowl.

The Solution

In order to effectively manage the implementation of the above plans, Cristin created core groups that met with 100 agencies over 10 months, on a weekly basis, to coordinate each of the various issues and ensure all executions were on track for Super Bowl week.
  • Transportation

    Created transportation routes for 3400 vehicles during Super Bowl Week

  • Community Outreach

    Coordinated with 10 Community Boards, 5 Business Improvement Districts and hundreds of local businesses

  • Security

    Coordinated with multiple law enforcement & jurisdictional agencies including: NYPD, NY State Police, NJ State Police, FBI, Homeland Security & others

  • Permitting

    Coordinated permitting needs for over 20+ agencies

  • Emergency Plans

    Devised multiple emergency action plans including weather contingency and public health and safety

The Numbers

Fans Attended
0 M
Online Viewers
Security & Law Enforcement Officers
Participating Government Agencies

The Outcome

According to the NFL, Super Bowl XLVIII was one of the most complex coordination efforts ever, and exceeded all expectations as a huge success. Super Bowl week was deemed the most well-coordinated in history, overcoming all of the original obstacles and challenges. Despite initial skepticism, the NFL was thrilled with the results, and is considering the option of returning to the area in the future, following the success of their first NY/NJ-based event.
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