Helping you navigate the complexities of Municipal, State & Federal Governments.

iDEKOgov assists businesses and individuals with the complexities of government processes and interactions associated with the vast number of municipal agencies. iDEKOgov works with businesses across the US, with a strong focus on New York City. We specialize in strategic consulting, government relations, regulatory/compliance consultations, business development  community relations and crisis management. Our approach delivers results while building strong community support and positive relations.

Strategic Consulting

Our creative, yet calculated approach to problem solving, allows us to integrate your business development goals with local stakeholder considerations to engineer a comprehensive plan that considers relevant local factors for your business success. The iDEKOgov team provides subject matter expertise to help explore all opportunities as you build and launch your project within the local community and municipality. 

Our consultants will utilize their knowledge of New York City to consult and advocate appropriate community and government relationships to help you achieve your project goals.


Explore and understand your business or project goals and apply them to local community and government considerations


Discover new opportunities or capabilities to enhance project success


Develop a comprehensive plan outlining the approach, timeline and expected deliverables of each individual project

Government Affairs

Navigating the complexities of government organizations is never easy, especially in New York City, where multiple municipalities and organizations combine to create a headache for even the most seasoned business or individual. Our four decades of combined experience with city, state and local government organizations, particularly those in New York City, will help you plan, execute and launch your project with minimal stress through every step of licensing, permits and regulation to final approvals. Our seasoned professionals will develop, design and implement a comprehensive plan and act as your agent and representative for government relations as it relates to applicable regulatory and public safety, permits, procurement and local stakeholder relationships.  

Maximize success with the help of your professional consultancy team at iDEKOgov.

Regulatory / Compliance Consultations

iDEKOgov can significantly reduce project costs and wait times by helping you prepare and navigate municipal regulatory requirements. Our seasoned, former municipal professionals, will work with your team during the municipal review and approval process by providing counsel on projects including construction, renovation/alteration, changes to place of assembly, enforcement, and enforcement compliance. Leveraging our in-depth professional expertise and knowledge base, we can anticipate potential issues that can be addressed prior to meeting or engaging with municipal regulatory officials.

As former municipal employees, the iDEKOgov team has helped over 3,500 developers, property owners, licensed professionals, and businesses understand, prepare, and mitigate potential regulatory issues that may arise prior or during plan exam and inspection. Our team aims to maximize your investment and compliance, helping to avoid potential future enforcement actions and violations.

Strategic Business Development

No matter the size of your project, from local street fair to city-wide parade; from neighborhood restaurant to construction developments, our expert team will assist you with appropriate business development strategies and executions to ensure success on a local, municipal and state level. Our services include research to identify and secure appropriate locations from small events to large developments, as well as a variety of strategic consulting engagements to help your business succeed no matter your service or locale. Our knowledge of local communities across the United States will help to build a project that achieves your goals while marrying them with local government and considerations.

Issue Advocacy

Learn about your local community and the associated government associations by utilizing the iDEKO teams’ expertise in issue advocacy across agencies and municipalities. We identify relevant stakeholders and help with press relations, meeting attendance, community and agency relationship building for the issues that are relevant to your project.

Crisis Management

Avoid panic at the eleventh hour with your personal crisis management team from iDEKOgov, adept at resolving conflicts between local and municipal stakeholders in New York City as well as across the United States. We leverage our years of expertise of a deep understanding and knowledge of implementation, to handle critical municipal issues, minimizing unwanted attention and maximizing partnerships and collaboration to launch projects in a  positive way in the local community.

Photo courtesy of NYC Office of Emergency Management

Community Relations

From building a construction development to launching a new business, restaurant or bar, the local communities of New York City are integral to keeping local businesses and organizations afloat. Build community support at a grassroots level with iDEKOgov’s creative approach to navigating stakeholders through the business planning and approval process, while building strong community support and positive relations. Our comprehensive community relations plan will help your project gain increased exposure to local politics and functions within New York, with the aim of gaining positive exposure among the local community. Receive regular updates on applicable meetings, functions, fundraisers and conferences which will help foster new relationships with city agencies, community leaders and stakeholders.

Permit Expediting and Licensing Approvals

Don’t let your project get held up with that final thorn in the side – permits and licensing approvals. Our years of experience managing government agencies, will help you navigate the multi-jurisdictional permitting and regulatory processes that lead to permit approval, and issuance at local, state and federal levels of government. iDEKOgov’s strategic guidance helps build government relationships that expedite permit approvals by easing issues that may hold up the process. A detailed strategic plan should include all relevant timelines and submission requirements for permit applications, as they relate to your project schedule.

At iDEKOgov, we utilize our government experience and relationships to facilitate appropriate dialogue between your organization and city agencies, as well as permitting authorities and officials, to expedite approvals and foster a positive community minded approach to your proposed project.

WBE Certified

Women-Owned Business Enterprises

iDEKOgov, through its joint partnership with CDB Ventures, is WBE certified. iDEKOgov recognizes the importance and significance of supporting local, city and state initiatives promoting government contracting opportunities for businesses owned by minorities and women. Municipal programs are designed to promote such opportunities for businesses owned by persons who are “socially and economically disadvantaged.” Firms owned by persons in groups for which WBE goals have established may be able to qualify for certification through our company.


Special focus areas include but are not limited to;

Real Estate, Development & Construction

Hospitality & Entertainment

Retail & Corporate


Non-Profit, Cultural & Education

Special Events

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